...Kelly’s sharp, reflective writing gets inside the characters’ heads. A jet-black comedy that lays bare the way that self-interest, peer pressure and an inability to really connect and empathise with others leads to a creeping corruption...
— The Guardian



Dennis Kelly

Sydney Fringe 2017 

                                September           5th-9th  


                                                    Erskineville Town





Last One Standing Theatre Company is proud to present its debut show DNA by Dennis Kelly. 

When 10 teenagers in desperate need for approval do something inconceivable, will it tear them apart, will it drive them insane, or will someone come out of the shadows and give them all a way out?

DNA takes you on an intimate journey into the twisted minds and lives of 10 British teenagers that will leave audiences asking themselves, "Is it right to protect the many at the expense of the individual?"

CREATIVE TEAM                                                                                                                 

Director: Jeremy Lindsay Taylor              

Producer: Bardiya McKinnon

Sound Designer: Sean Van Doornum

Lighting Designer: Liam O'Keefe

Photography: Kate Cornish

Stage Manager: Jesse Turits


Millie Samuels, Bardiya McKinnon

Emm Wiseman, Josh McElroy,

James Fraser, Alex Malone, Jess Belle-Keogh, 

Xanthe Paige, Alfie Gledhill, Holly Fraser and Jesse Hyde.